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Escape to Alaska by Mary Wasche"Escape to Alaska"

See Alaska in the 1960's through the eyes of a young Minnesota woman who seeks refuge in Whittier, Alaska, after witnessing a murder. Whittier is one of the strangest towns in America and home to a handsome half Yup'ik Alaska Native who falls for the heroine, introduces her to Eskimo life and provides her with her first exposure to cultural prejudice. When her sanctuary is breached in the wake of the 1964 earthquake, Alaskans prove they are a hardy bunch capable of protecting one of their own.

Murder in Wasilla by Mary Wasche"Murder in Wasilla"

A construction worker regrets his decision to stop the night he noticed a woman's nude body on the shoulder of an isolated highway near Wasilla, Alaska. The small community is not accustomed to murders, especially of kindergarten teachers with no known enemies. The clamor for an arrest puts him in jail and begins one of Alaska's most unusual and fascinating murder cases.

"Resolute Heart"

In the days immediately following the Civil War, Yankee soldiers straggled home, exhausted, unkempt, hungry, and emotionally ravaged, often leaving a legacy of cruelty and violence in their wakes. Eighteen-year-old Abby becomes the impulsively grabbed captive of one such soldier who stubbornly holds her for three days as they make their way North. By the time they near his home, an unexpected bond has formed between the two. When he comes to his senses and releases her, neither realizes the days spent together will forever bind them.

 "My aim is to put down on paper what I see and what I feel in the best and simplest way." Ernest Hemingway
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"Good writing will bring you to places you don't even expect sometimes."James Gandofini